Dental fillings are materials used by a dentist to fill the cavity of a tooth that has suffered tooth damage or decay. They are very useful in restoring decayed tooth back to its normal shape and healthy condition. A decayed tooth that is not treated could get worse and lead to severe pain, abscess and eventually bone loss.

They are thin, plastic coatings placed on the chewing surface of a tooth most especially the molars and premolars as a means of avoiding tooth decay. The sealants form a protective coat on the grooves and depression of the teeth where food could have gotten stuck otherwise. They are used to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

Dental dentures are used as a replacement for missing teeth. They are easily removable appliances made of plastic (acrylic), metal and even nylon. They eliminate eating or speech problems caused by tooth gaps. Complete dentures are used replace the entire teeth while partial dentures just fill in for one or more missing tooth.

Dental bridges are a form of treatment for missing teeth. They consist of two crowns (abutment) and a false tooth (also called pontics which are made up of gold, alloy or porcelain material) in between them, and are placed by the sides of a gap to close up space.

A crown is a tooth-shaped cover or cap placed over the teeth. It is a secure and healthy way of restoring the tooth back to its shape and size and also enhances its appearance. The crown when it has been fixed into place fully encase the entire part of the tooth that above and on the gum line.

This is the removal of a broken or damaged tooth - caused by decay from its socket in the bone. This method is usually carried out when the damage in the tooth is quite severe and far gone such that filling, bridges or dental crown treatment would not be effective.

This treatment involves drilling into the damaged tooth down to the root canal (hollow area in the tooth with nerve endings) so cleaning can be done, anesthetic is usually administered while the procedure is being carried out. Afterwards filling is done to prevent further tooth infection. This approach can be regarded as a deep filling of the teeth.

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