Routine Check Up

It is recommended you have frequent routine dental check (at least every six months), this helps to know if your teeth and gums are in perfect health.

Zoom Whitening

This is a very fast and potent way of keeping your teeth white; process involves use of Zoom light and zoom whitening gel at the same time to remove discoloration and stains. Firstly, this is done by covering the lips and gum, only teeth is open. The zoom gel and light is then applied to the teeth. The entire process is 45 minutes with intervals of 15 minutes. Completing the last interval requires an assistant to cleans off overflowing zoom gel. Finally, instructions on treatment plan will be discussed with you and you are out of the door with a brighter and whiter smile!


If you desire a healthy, attractive teeth that speaks of your personality. If your teeth don't reflect your desired dental health and appearance, then the crown is recommended. This help to take care of any damage, stain or cracks.


If the surface of your tooth damaged, fractured or having a decayed tooth; your recommended treatment could be filling because this serves as a restorative procedure. Our primary goal is to ensure that you have healthy teeth for biting and chewing, some of the materials we use for dental filling include silver amalgam, composite and composite.