Cosmetics Dentistry with Start Smile Dental

When people look at you closely, one of the important things that catch their attention is your smile. With that, the health of your smile should be on your top list to make sure your teeth always remains at its best. With new innovations popping up in our everyday lives, and in the cosmetics world to be specific, Star Smile Dental remains the top notch dental clinic to correct and perfect all kinds of teeth imperfections, and bestow you a natural looking beautiful result. All our expert dentists in Cypress have gone through rigorous training to ensure that effective treatment and care is taken to correct chips, misalignment, stains, gaps and other dental related issues.

Below are some of the services we offer in relation to the types of dental issues;

Zoom Teeth Whitening

There’s no way to curb or avoid this, but our teeth will always get discolored or stained with certain beverages and foods, tobacco products, and most of the times natural aging. One way to boost your appearance and lighten up your smile is to brighten the shade of your teeth. With the zoom teeth whitening service, our forever ready cosmetic dentists are always available to lighten up the color of your teeth to more than eight shades, just with this treatment. You’re going to see the results just immediately; one of the main reasons why the zoom teeth whitening remain to be the best and most sought after cosmetic dental treatment.

Zoom teeth Whitening benefits

We’ve heard and read about a lot of over-the-counter products trying to bleach or whiten the teeth. Well, I guess none has been able to deliver 100% efficiency as the zoom teeth whitening, and you’ll believe this after learning about some of its advantages & highlights that we list down below:

  • Resistance against discoloration and future stains

  • Perfect and significant results with a single- thirty-minute procedure

  • Long-lasting results

  • Professional-grade bleaching agents that can remove even the most difficult stains

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are one of the aesthetically grafting and effective remedies for chipped, misaligned and stained teeth. Many smile makeovers recommend the Porcelain dental veneers as one of the most effective procedures for patients who want to have a bright and charming smile. Smile Dental has proven on different occasions to be the best in charge with this treatment in treating a wide range of dental disorders and to get an everlasting solution to the common problems that seem to be affecting the proper functioning and appearance of your teeth. This treatment is known for its astonishing aesthetic results on patients that have gone through the procedure. We can claim to be the best in this area of expertise.

Gum contouring/ Gum lift

This is another cosmetic dentistry technique that is used mainly to reshape the gums, put a new smile on your face and lengthen the appearance of the teeth. With the Latest laser technology, our dentist team is always ready to tighten all loose ends, maintain balance between your gums and your teeth and minimize your recovery time. You can put a call through to your office today if you need more information about the gum contouring treatment, or you’ll like to schedule a date for consultation. We are always ready to help you with any delicate cosmetic surgeries that you may desire to undergo.

Benefits of a Gum Lift

They offer all of benefits, but only a few have been highlighted below:

  • Gum lift improves symmetry and balance between the gums and teeth
  • Quickening recovery time
  • Little or no discomfort with laser technology

Cosmetic Bonding

Dental or cosmetic bonding is the use of natural and strong resins on the surface of spoilt teeth. Whether partially misaligned, cracked or stain, you can trust the dental bonding to help you quickly add on a beautiful smile in no time. The resins serve as replacement for dentin and missing enamel, providing enhancement for your teeth and durable long protection.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

If you’ve got a minor dental issue and you’re on the look out for an effective and quick procedure to fix the dent, checking out the benefits of domestic bonding can give you a rethink to try it out:

  • Eradicates spacing issues and improves alignment

  • Corrects discoloration and cleans off stain

  • Strengthens the teeth

  • Quick results in no time

  • Corrects chips and small cracks

This procedure is one you should consider if you’re looking out to improve your smile. A dental exam will be carried out on you, and analysis will be made to ascertain that the dental bonding procedure will be perfect for your teeth.

Once our dental experts resolve to an approach, the procedure will start to take place. Your damaged teeth will be checked and the surface will be rubbed with a solution, to ease bonding. Once the material blends with the rest of your teeth, it will be layered and sculpted on the affected tooth. After that, the resin to be used will be hardened to get lasting results under a specially prepared light. In no time, you’ll get your natural, shinning new smile again.